About Alex Mouncer

Alex Mouncer is a full-stack web developer from England.

Able to design and build websites and web apps for any device.

Experienced Laravel/MySQL developer, skills in Ruby on Rails/MongoDB

Knows Javascript (ReactJS, Ecmascript, VueJS, Node).


About this website

This website is an example of how I can build a website.


  • HTML5, PHP5.3, CSS3.
  • Layout is responsive, designed from mobile out, and in this case without the use of media queries.
  • Compatible with all web browsers.
  • CSS and HTML is valid to W3C standards.
  • Fonts used are: Arial Mono for the logo and any code. Arial for the header and footer. And DroidSans and DroidSerif for everything else.
  • Only three actual images (including the favicon) are used for the layout.
  • Background image for the header and navigation links is from a photograph of the Greek island of Milos. Photoshop was used briefly to crop the image to size and then to save using its optimise for web feature.
  • The other background image file in the layout is a free tiling image from SubtlePatterns. "Green Cup".
  • My own custom MVC OOP framework, which is optimised for performance and a minimal amount of code.
  • The SEO is good.
  • Vim to edit all text.
  • Git for source control and the source code is hosted on Gitlab.
  • This website lives on a dedicated server, with Apache serving the pages from a ramdisk. The server OS is Debian Linux.